Como, important for its geographical position between Italy and Europe and for its touristical activities, has had an increasing development of public transportation since the 19th century.


In the first half of '800 the service on the lake starts with a fleet of steamships; in the second half of the same century the railway tunnel of S. Gottardo is opened and Como is linked with Milan on one side and with Lucerne on the other.

In 1894 the funicular Como-Brunate is opened, symbol of the public transport development in that period, when every centre in the Province was linked with the provincial capital through a series of public transport lines.


It was the period of industrial development and the beginning of what would later become “mass tourism".

In 1911 the traction system is changed from steam to electricity.

In 1912 the "cannon" is installed, firing a salute every day at noon.

In the years 1934/35 the plant is completely revamped, including the total rebuilding of the Brunate station.
In 1951 a further changing of vehicles is carried out.

At the end of the '60s, the private transport by car puts public transport in a difficult position, as it gradually becomes clear in the second half of the XX century.

In the '70s in Como, as in other areas of the country, private transport companies cannot control losses any more.
The local bodies around Como (Municipalities and Province) decide to react to such a situation establishing a consortium that will manage the suburban lines in the Como province already in concession to the companies STECAV, SALVI, BARADELLO, GRATTONI and DELL'OCA.

For a long time such a consortium will also manage the funicular plant whose property was transferred from Società Anonima Funicolare Como/Brunate, (whose reference shareholder was Earl Cesare Bonacossa) to the Region of Lombardy in 1981.

During the period of entrusted management the C.P.T. Consortium carried out the adaptation of the plant to the new security and technology needs.
As from July 2005 the management of the Como/Brunate Funicular is entrusted - following the enforcement by the Como Municipality of the procedures for deregulating the public transport services sector - to a joint Society whose head office is in Como (Consorzio Mobilità Funicolare & Bus). Within such a framework the operation management of the Como - Brunate funicular is entrusted to Azienda Trasporti Milanesi S.p.A.